Welcome to Golden Fried Chicken

Golden Fried Chicken Pioneered the first unique "Grab and Go" food system serving Australians with our much loved tasty Chicken meal options since 1989. One of the very first food systems is still in operation. We are the longest running Australian owned Family Run, Licensed Chicken system out there, with well over 100 sites and expanding rapidly.

Created to provide the same profitable fast food options as the High Street Franchises, we have been serving Independent Takeaways, Convenieince stores, Roadhouses, Bakeries etc..... with a licensed system without the franchising costs.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients with an AFFORDABLE Add-On option to existing businesses with minimal Outlay to suit your Budget.

Our system is simple with only a one step cooking method unlike others on the market. So its not labour intensive !! No need for Executive Chef training at a cost of thousands !! We teach you exactly how to make our fantastic products at a fraction of the cost, and supply you with a fully comprenhensive manual.

So if you would like an appraisal of your business to increase your profits and join our fast growing network of Golden Fried Chicken outlets, contact our friendly team today !